This article is for myRealPage clients who have Wordpress-based real estate websites, and are subscribed to MRP's IDX/WP Plugin.

One of myRealPage's lead generation tools is the use of VOW pop-ups. These basically invite your website visitors to sign up for a VOW account in order to gain access to more listing information. Once they sign up, you can capture their contact information, as well as other details that can help you convert them to leads.

For more information, you can read more about this feature and its benefits over on our blog.

You can also implement this VOW tool on your Wordpress-based website by following the instructions below.

1 - Selecting a Page

  • Log in to your Wordpress account.
  • A. The VOW Sign Up Form can be used on any page that contains the Listing IDX shortcode. For instructions on how to add a shortcode to your Wordpress page, please click here.

2 - Modify the Page URL

  • After selecting the page to use, you will now need to modify its URL (also known as "slug" or "permalink").
  • A. Depending on what version of the Wordpress editor you are currently using, locate the section on the page that allows you to edit the page's URL. 

3 - Add a string of text