1 - Log into tools.realtorlink.ca

  • Go to tools.realtorlink.ca

  • A. Select your Board or Association from the drop down menu.
  • B. Enter your User ID
  • C. Enter your Password
  • D. Click on the Sign In button.

2 - After Logging In:

  • A. On the sidebar, click on the DDF Dashboard link.


3 - Create the DDF feed:

  • A. Click on the Create/Edit Data Feeds link to open a sub-menu.
  • B. In the sub-menu, click on the "here" link.


4 - Data Feeds Screen

  • Scroll down to the section labeled "Edit your Data Feeds"
  • A. Locate the domain name you are making changing technology providers for, and click on the Edit button to the right of it.


5 - Building Your Data Feed pt 1:

  • A. Step 1: Select the option for the National Shared Pool
  • B. Step 2: Select the option "I will be engaging a 3rd Party Technology Provider to operate my Data Feed"
  • C. Step 3: In the search box, search for "myRealPage"
  • D. Step 3: Once myRealPage appears among the search results, click on it to select it.

6 - Building Your Data Feed pt 2:

  • A. Step 4: In the text field for Website URL, type in the domain name for your real estate website.
  • B. Step 5: Select the option for "I want the Data Feed to PROVIDE ALL available listings"
  • C. Click on the button labeled "Click to review your Data Feed before Saving it"


7 - Add A Data Feed Screen

  • A. Review your information so far.
  • B. If you need to go back to make edits, click on this blue button.
  • C. Once all you have verified that all your information is correct, and after you have read the Terms of Use, click on the button labeled "CLICK HERE TO AGREE TO THE TERMS OF USE AND SAVE YOUR DATA FEED"