Please ensure that your file/s are named using ONLY alphanumeric characters. Special characters or symbols such as commas, apostrophes, punctuation marks, currency symbols, etc, will not be accepted and could possible cause errors. Here is an example of a good file naming format:  HousePhotoExterior1.jpg

1 - Log in to Private Office:

  • A. Enter the URL
  • B. Enter your username (the email address you used when signing up).
  • C. Enter your password (which you chose during the sign-up process).
  • D. Click Login.

2 - From the Dashboard:

  • A. Click the Website tab.
  • B. Click All Web Pages.

3 - On the Edit Website page:

  • A. Click on the Images & Files tab.

4 - In the Web-Drive pop-up window:

  • A. Click on the My Web-Drive folder.
  • B. Select a folder to place your file in.
  • C. Click on the Upload... button

5 - In the Upload file(s) pop-up window:

  • A. Click on the Choose File(s) button.
  • Note: You can also drag files from your computer into this window. If you choose to do so, please skip to step 7 in this guide.

6 - From your file browser:

  • A. Locate the file or files you want to upload and select it.
  • B. Click on the Open button.

7 - Uploading the file:

  • After the previous step, your file will upload automatically. Wait for it to complete uploading. The upload window will automatically close after uploading, and you will be taken back to your Web-Drive window.